Yarn-bombing 2019

This year the wonderful wool artisans of the village have been busy again and their creations will be going up at the end of May.

2019 is Visit Wales Year of Discovery, so the Yarn Bombers are inviting to you to come and discover Llwyngwril. We want to show you a bit about life in the village, both past and present. We hope you enjoy the Yarn Bombing as much as we enjoy living here!

We start decorating in time for the late May Bank Holiday and will add more pieces through the following months. Maps will be on sale as usual at Riverside Stores. We look forward to seeing you!

Here be Dragons

It’s nearly yarn-bombing time!

Technically, it’s ALWAYS yarn-bombing time in the village but we’ll let that pass. Over the next few weeks this year’s yarn creations will start to appear around the village – what will be in store this year?  A lot of very talented people have been working throughout the winter months to come up with yet more dazzling and quirky displays for the village.